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With over 25 years’ experience in the Radio Frequency(RF) and MicroWave(MW) industry,Unitron aims to be the leading solution provider in the telecommunications industry.

Our expansive portfolio includes iRRH, fiber optic repeater, in-building distributed antenna system (DAS), RF repeater, and the RF and MW module, all designed with our cutting edge technology and expertise gained over many years. We offers a complete range of services, from off-the-shelf products to customized solutions.

In both the domestic and foreign markets, Unitron’s products have been proven in various fields to be of the highest quality.

Founded in Korea, the world’s most competitive IT powerhouse, we are ready to provide high performance and cost-efficient solutions to the global market. We are currently working together with overseas partners and customers in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. We supply our products and engineering services to a diverse range of industries, including telecommunications, wired and wireless networks, construction, shipbuilding, and high speed optical communications.

Our goal is to become the world’s top RF and MW solution provider
and we are proud to be able to enhance the world with our technology

Established in 2012 based on 20 years' experience in RF & Microwave Industry

Products Designed and Manufactured in Korea, a Leading Innavator in ICT Industry

Broad Access to Network Solutions whether it's Indoor/Outdoor, Digital/Analog

Sales Office in Asia, Europe, America and Africa



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Business Portfolio

Radio System Design

Radio Cell Planning & Optimization

IoT Devices for Industry

Auto Test Equipment

Global Sourcing & Trading in Electronics Industry








Why Unitron?


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Digital Repeaters, Jammer & IoT Devices Manufacturer In South Korea


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