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Smart IoT Elderly Care System

  Smart Elderly Care System (ECS) is the protective device with an intelligent algorithm that automatically detects abnormalities by analyzing the living signals of the elderly living alone. In existing method, bio-signal sensors or CCTVs have used to monitor the status of elderly. It causes severe privacy violation and big burden on high prices of devices, Wi-Fi or LTE data and human resources watch the monitor continuously. However, our new solution automatically alerts only when a problem occurs, and IR sensors and Z-wave can minimize CAPEX and OPEX.

Indoor Mobile Signal Jammer

  The mobile signal jammer was designed for indoor use and generates noise signals in the frequency bands of 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, 2600MHz(or 2300MHz) to block off wireless communication between the base station and a handset. It generates a maximum of 3W of noise signals in each frequency band. It is effective for areas such as court of law, jail, church, temple, conference room for temporarily prevent mobile signals. Optional remote controller can easily & immediately stop the jamming.

RF Wideband Jammer

  Ultra-wideband Jammer was designed for both indoor and outdoor including vehicle mount. It suppresses well known mobile and satellite communication. Wireless jamming signals cover all communication frequency bands and can’t be avoided by shifting frequency. The wireless jamming signals is pseudo random noise. It is a impossible structure to eliminate by fraud (prevention or filtering) of frequency and amplitude. The Jammer consists of 9 channels for each frequency band, and includes mobile communication frequency and VHF, UHF communication band.



Optic System

RF System



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