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IoT Hub

  IoT Hub can integrate and centeralize all home devices appliances for your convenient home lifestyle. This can fullly support Smart Door Sensor, Smart Gas Lock, Smart Plug by smart phone application.

Smart Plug

  Smart Plug can be applied wherever you want to control electrical devices, while monitoring the power consumption in a convenient and maintenance-free way. The smart plug requires no installation tools or electrician, meaning no hassle for you. You just take the smart plug out of the box, put it into an electrical outlet, and plug in any electrical device of your choice.

Smart Door Sensor

  Smart Door Sensor can provide a comprehensive and effective home security solution. Because they connect wirelessly to all the other devices in your Smart Home system, a triggered door/window sensor can be set to do everything from sending an alert to your smartphone and landline to switching on lights and triggering a loud alarm siren.

Smart Switch

  Smart Switch helps users check and turn off the light easily in home from anywhere. It turns on the lights automatically when detecting motions outside your home. In addition, users can set time to turn on off the lights.

Smart Gas Lock

  Smart Gas Lock helps users check and turn off the gas valves easily in home from anywhere. It detects dangerous temperature and alerts potentially dangerous situations so that users can handle a problem. In addition, users can set time to lock gas valves against danger.

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror is a two-way mirror with an electronic display behind the glass. The dis play can show the viewer different kinds of information in the for of widgets such as weather, time, date, and news updates. This product would be useful for busy individuals who want to multitask and stay informed while on the go.



Optic System

RF System



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